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I am a Bass Player with Lead and Harmony Vocals who loves locking in with the drummer to create a fat, solid groove. I read your ad and I am very interested in learning more.
Here's some other things about me....
**20 years of musical experience playing live and recording
**Comfortable with reading Nashville notation, chord sheets or play by ear
**Play New & Old R&B, Country, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop & alittle Rap music genres
**Professional Musical rigs/gear appropriate for different stages
**Live in Northwest Atlanta 'Burb
**Laid Back, Fun Loving attitude but always put music FIRST

Harold Pattillo Musician Details
Age: 45 years old.
Location: Marietta, GA 30062
Years of experience: 20 or more
Styles Played: Blues, Christian, Classic Rock, Country, Funk, Instrumental, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Rock n roll (50s), Rockabilly, Zydeco
Instruments Played: Backing Vocals, Bass, Double Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Available For: Band Member, Live, Studio Session

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